Sony handycam not turning on

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Once you are able to dislodge the cord or whatever is causing this problem. Try inserting the battery and ejecting the tape. Let me know if you are having any trouble with this or have any other questions and I would be glad to help.

Sony handycam dcr-sr42 herunterladen auf den Computer

The tape door won't retract, if you put a tape in the holder,. If your cassette is stuck in your camcorder, cannot be put in because the compartment does not open or does not close, you see the message "Re-attach the. Hope you will understand my sayings. Thanks for using fixya. I would suggest to check ac charger and battery on similar model Sony camcorder and I think your camcorder has DC jack problem thats why camera is not getting power from ac charger. Here is what I did to fix this: Turn off power 2.

Sony handycam touch screen not working

Open the LCD Display 3. Unplug ANY wires connected to the camcorder 5. Plug in DC charger 7. Aug 02, Audi A4. How can this be resolved. Try the Eject button when the camcorder is fully powered up. The problem with DVD recordes is realibilty, Have you ever made a cd or DVD and had a problem with the burn process and end up creating a coaster?

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  8. Attempt to eject tape 9. At this point, the metal tape holder comes out but refuses to open I've tried 4 different cassettes and about 2 seconds after hitting play, I get the error every time Not going to try to play my tapes on the camcorder anymore Unknown if able to record to tape as of yet. Playback newly opened blank tape for five minutes, after that eject, reinsert, playback then eject again five times, these will serve as your video head cleaner, never use "video head cleaning cassette tape" for it will only damage your camera.

    I'm about to toss it, but would like to get the tape out of the unit. Any advice from anyone on this forum on how to do it without breaking the camera apart?

    The tape door won't retract, if you put a tape in the holder,. If your cassette is stuck in your camcorder, cannot be put in because the compartment does not open or does not close, you see the message "Re-attach the.

    In reading other postings, I noticed this to be a problem with similar handycams. I have the same machine and the same exact problem. I have not used it for couple years and now it does not even power-on. I am curious if you already resolved the problem and if so how? Sorry to say, I'm tossing this unit. No service center wants to touch it claiming parts no longer available. But they were able to remove the stuck tape.

    Sony Technical Support has ignored my messages seeking advice. As I'm looking for a new camcorder, I'm definitely staying away from Sony line. I think sony handycams have a cool design, and alot of cool features, but I've had like 5 of them, all different and they've all bit the dust within under a year I think this may be a stunning example of "planned obsolesence" at its very finest. I think Im gonna get me a mini-dv next time, they only get one hour of footage per tape as a opposed to the hour and a half with 8mm and VHS-C but its better than buying a new camera once a month!

    Here's a link to unjam your tape. Turn power to ON position and replace battery to the camcorder.

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    Press the eject button and you will here the ejection process adjust. Press again and the tape should eject. Join the cause and tell your state representative to support Right to Repair. Tell them you believe repair should be fair, affordable, and accessible. I cant send out gift requests,or invite friends to von boyage party,it wont give a list of names You need to update the Flash Player for you Facebook simply go to www.

    Am I able to get them repaired by Von Zipper company The Sunglass fix have most models in stock, 30, styles ready to. Laserpointer Aktuelle. Sofort beleuchtete Zigaretten und Streichh? Answer questions. Unanswered Questions.

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    Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! Press the Reset button with a sharp object, such as a ballpoint pen, if your camcorder continues not to function. Close the LCD panel if you don't see an image in the viewfinder. The viewfinder will not display an image with the LCD panel open. Pull out the viewfinder, located directly above the battery pack, and adjust the lens until you get a clear image by moving the adjustment lever up or down on the left side of the viewfinder.

    Turn your camcorder off if the recording stops abruptly.